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5885 Ridgeway Center Parkway

Suite 210
Memphis, TN 38120


Our Staff

Karen Vogelsang | Executive Director
Beth Patterson | Director of Operations
Anna Weaver | Evangelism Coordinator
Christi Shaeffer | Executive Office Manager

Board of Directors
Donna Gaines (president) | Retired educator
Ellen Ellis (vice president) | Interior designer
David Hogan (treasurer) | Retired hospital administrator
Dayna Street (secretary) | Adult educator (Union University)
Jodie Crockerell | Consumer
Ellen Olford | Clergy (Central Church)
David Perdue | Businessman (DS Partners)
Megan Broadstreet
Shamichael Hallman
Financial Advisory Board

David Perdue, Chairman
Don Hutson
Cary Vaughn
David Lewis
John Wilfong
David Hogan
Harry Smith
Trent Wilson

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All it takes is one hour a week to help change a child’s life!